My name is Scott Harris.


I am a U.S. Army Veteran, a USCCA - (United States Concealed Carry Association) Utah & NRA certified Firearms Instructor.

I am one of many Firearms Instructors that feel we not only have the right, but also the responsibility to be active participants in our own self preservation. 

However, possessing a Concealed Carry Permit  does not make one competent & capable of using a firearm in self defense, anymore than having a stove, makes one a Chef. 


Firearms competency is a perishable skill. 


Like a good knife, if we don't keep it sharp, it loses it's edge.



I am not what you would consider a handgun enthusiast, and I was unsure whether concealed carry or the concealed carry class was for me.


I was very pleasantly surprised to find that PDC's number one focus is teaching firearms safety and avoiding threatening environments and persons. 


Scott created a comfortable learning environment and made sure that everyone understood the importance of the Four Firearms safety rules.


PDC stresses the responsibility a person has to avoid the need to use a firearm by developing and practicing good environmental awareness skills.  


We learned how to clear different types of handguns, how they function and the differences between revolvers and semi automatics, types of ammunition and calibers, the use of less than lethal and lethal force, the legal aspects of self defense, gear choices and why it's important, particularly for women.


I went away from the class with the knowledge necessary to safely protect myself and my family, in the same way one should be prepared for any other unexpected event, like house fire or natural disaster.


I highly recommend PDC’s classes, particularly to other women.

Kirsten F


Over the years, I have attended and taught many similar classes with a focus on safety, basics firearms management and personal responsibility. 


Scott’s class was extremely professional and covered the material in a very timely manner where it started on time and ended on time.  His 10 minute breaks were scheduled perfectly within his material.  The slides and short videos that went along with his presentation were explanatory, easy to view, visually colorful and mechanically appropriate. 


The class room was light, clean and comfortable.  I felt extremely safe in his management of inert training firearms as well as demonstrating an unloaded chamber, empty magazine and slide mechanism with a Glock. 


The 4 firearm safety rules were prominent in all his movement around the classroom.  


I highly recommend this class.

Ginny Lyford

Personal Safety Institute


My wife and I took the Oregon/Utah class on Feb 18. I like that it was technical enough to keep me engaged while at the same time basic enough to not lose my wife in details. The parts we studied about situational awareness and color levels resonated with me, but I learned that I can always be more diligent about my surroundings.


I went to the class with the expectation that I would ask questions about why and how and when I should draw if I ever find myself in a life threatening situation, and Scott could tell me just what I needed to know. As I quickly learned, there is no one right answer for how or when or IF I should draw. I appreciate Scott's technique of turning the questions back to me so that I could apply my own moral filters. It made me think about it on a deeper level and that challenged me to really evaluate the possibilities completely.


I had tossed around the idea of getting some quick and easy online training for my concealed permit. I am very glad that I took the time and spent a little bit more to get into this class from PDC. The small class led to a very comfortable and personal interaction with Scott and other attendees. I was glad to have critical topics explained in multiple ways so that our comprehension was much higher. On top of all that, Scott has a great disposition and seemingly infinite patience. Combined with his extensive background and training, these things make him a fantastic teacher. I will definitely be coming back for the tactical classes.


-Kenny and Amy Crain


Scott Harris hosts the best CCW classes in Central Oregon.  The class is fun and informative and Scott keeps his students involved so the 4 plus hours feels like the class goes fairly quick. I will definitely recommend anyone to attend Scott’s CCW class.


Brad Driggers.