Handgun 1

Topics Covered:


- Four Firearms safety rules.

- Survival Mindset.

- Shooting Platform, Grip, Sight Alignment / Picture, Trigger   Manipulation, Drawing and Reholstering.

- Reloads, Administrative, Tactical & Combat.

- Multiple effective shots on Multiple targets at various

- Shooting while moving. 

- Malfunction & Failure Drills.

- Cover vs. Concealment.

- Use of Deadly Force - What to do after a shooting.



 Class length 3hrs.


Must be able to demonstrate completion of a

Basic Handgun course prior to enrolling.


300 - 400 Rounds

(extra mags & carriers are highly recommended)


Cost of class  $75 per person


Maximum of 4 Students

PDC offers a $5.00 discount to all Active & Retired LEO/First Responders, Military & Veterans, and those over 55. 

For discount info please contact us at 541-408-6141


PDC offers private and group Handgun classes up to 4 students.

Please contact us at 541-408-6141 with any questions or to schedule a class.

Equipment for Firearms classes:


Safety is our first and foremost concern, the following items are required for Firearms classes.


  • Closed toed shoes, brimmed hats, closed neck shirts - these prevent hot brass from getting into places you really don’t want it.


  • ANSI approved Safety Glasses & Hearing protection.


  • Sturdy belt.  Before you come to class, try wearing your holstered gun with the belt you would like to use.  If your belt is not sturdy enough to keep your holstered gun securely to your body, you will spend time trying to adapt to poor equipment, not training.


  • Strong side holsters only.  No appendix, cross draw, chest, shoulder, ankle, purse, pocket, etc. holsters.  If you’re using an inside the waist band (IWB) holster it must be made of Kydex, or similar material, allowing it to remain open for one handed re-holstering.


  • Magazine holders and spare Mags are highly recommended 



Additional recommended items and ammo requirements for each class are listed under the class descriptions.

Class location: Please contact us to schedule a class.