Whether we are at home, work, school, or in a public environment, We, are our first line of defense.

Data shows that violent incidents, regardless of location, often begin, and end, long before Law Enforcement is able to get on scene and take action.

Every environment has a "Normal". 


Normal human interactions, sounds, smells, activities, a "feel". 


Most of us have experienced a wide variety of people and environments in your lives.  Over time we have become "conditioned" to the "normal" of these environments. 


When those "norms" change, we need to be able to quickly evaluate the circumstances and take effective action.

Unfortunately after incident investigations have found that the most common response to life threatening situations, is denial. 

Denial, and lack of appropriate action, has lead to deaths and injuries that could have been avoided.  

By developing the skills necessary to identify and react to threats, regardless of when and where, we can avoid, when possible, and prevail when not.

Our Concealed Carry Class focuses on Avoiding Threats as a first priority by practicing Environmental Awareness. 


When avoidance is not possible, the next step is to flee the threat or threats.  Once again, Environmental Awareness is critical to prevailing.


Learning to look for ingress and egress points when entering or moving through every environment, including home, work, school, public venues and locations is key to avoiding or fleeing from threats.

Next is barricading.  If you can not flee, then how do you barricade in place?

Lastly, is how to defend and fight back when no other options remain.

Our goal is to empower our students with the knowledge and prowess that can help them prevail against the threats that exist in today's world.